Bienveillants and positive, the realistic portraits of Jordan Samper reflect the personality of this artist with a natural optimism. First drawn by the sculpture that he practiced from the age of thirteen, he returned to painting after his training at the "Beaux - Arts" of Versailles. It is because of a revelation for the color that decides to change of mean of expression in 2000. In his work, however, the influence of the sculpture remains intact, as he shapes his paintings by successive touches of color, with the idea of bringing out forms and volumes. In sculpture or painting, it'is always the representation of the human figure that drives his interest. Initially discreet and intimate, his painting has evolved into more impertinent allowing us to see portraits of men of all ages.

His technique, very sure, gives us portraits rendering close to photography witch, also, holds an important place in the creative process : each painting is indeed inspired by a photography taken during a meeting with the model. The meeting takes place very often in the environment of the subject in order to bring it into confidence and make the most of himself. Then comes the time of creation, during which he refuses to maintain any link with the model. However, the work completed, the painter and his subject can be found around the representation in a new time-sharing. This moment is then set on video. In this mechanical ritual, photographs and videos are not tools in the service of the work: they participate fully in its birth and are memory. The artist does not, in fact, exclude the idea to present these photographs and films.

Meet at random circumstances, the models are not intimate of the artist, because as Jordan Samper said it, "I find it more difficult to paint people who are close to me." Among these people, it's a detail of their faces, a peculiarity of their physical appearance that will seduce him. Represented as closely as possible with the constant desire to be included in a time of abandonment, they are at the heart of its inception, the decor is only secondary. A single individual can inspire him several paintings with opposed expressions that will correspond to different moments of their meeting. That is its success: represent the other in its complexity soul.

In his work, lights and colors are also an essential place. They intervene to sublimate the topic, give it life. Everywhere, the color is linked to the personality of the model, the artist refusing a more lively atmosphere for a discrete subject.

Jordan Samper is a member of "Vivo Equidem". Founded in 2006, this association brings together contemporary painters that animate exhibitions in Paris, where their works are presented along with guest artists. From the "Vivi Equidem" website, are visible portraits of the young painter promised to a beautiful future.

(Text by Peggy Garinet & Translation by Emmanuel R.)



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